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Astro Lords: Oort Cloud

“Welcome to the Oort Cloud, a vast field of asteroids on the fringes of the solar system. As the leader of your asteroid, you must develop your stronghold by constructing facilities such as mines, power plants, factories and laboratories. Resources must be gathered, or stolen, in order to construct ammunition, cyborgs and spare parts for space ships to fuel your expansion.

As your empire grows, you will be able to capture more asteroids by colonizing empty ones, or capturing developed asteroids from your enemies. Astro Lords is the first MMO RTS to feature moving bases on a spherical map, putting you in the driver’s seat. Will you maneuver your asteroid in pursuit of your enemies, flee from hostile foes, or explore the vast nebulae and discover alien ruins?”

Цільова аудиторія гри: Mid hardcore players, 90% men, 10% women, 22-45 y.o.

Платформа: Mobile

Бізнес-модель, поточний стан проекту: Free-to-play