Yoda Game Award is a competition for game developers that will start on the eve of Lviv GameDev Conference 2018 and finish directly at the conference where the best games of 2017 in two main categories will be chosen:

🏆Best Studio Game 2017 / The Best game
🏆Best Indie Game 2017 / The Best Indie Game

And in three additional:
🎖 Best Art 2017 / The Best Visual Art
🏅 Best Game Design 2017 / The Best Game Design
🥇 Audience Award / The Audience Choice

Rounds of the competition:

Round 1. Registration – from November 29 through December 31. Each independent developer or studio can submit a game to the competition by completing the registration form.

Round 2. Poll – from December 4 through January 15. Everyone can vote for the games of participants on the Facebook page. After registering the first 4 games for each nomination, two games will be selected by drawing lots. These two games will take part in the battle. The one who gets most “likes” on the Facebook page goes to the next round. Then every Monday two next games will be chosen by drawing lots and the battles will be held. Till January 16 there will stay only 6 winners of all battles in each nomination.

Round 3. The final – on January 27. 12 participants will present their games at the GameDev Conference 2018, and the jury will decide the winners in 4 nominations: Best Studio Game 2017, Best Indie Game 2017, Best Art 2017, Best Game Design 2017, the audience will choose the winner in nomination of Audience Award.