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Drawing for Kids & Toddlers!

“”Drawing for Kids & Toddlers!”” is a game which gives little children a wonderful opportunity to create and explore the creative process of visual art.

Your child will learn how to draw cute characters in a fun and playful manner.
The intricate combination of animations and drawings makes this App simply unique!

Your child can draw charming characters such a butterfly, a frog, a car and many other objects. Every character comes to life after you finish drawing it.
It’s like magic!
The butterfly happily flaps its wings, the hedgehog rolls into a ball, the rocket flies into space, and the frog is jumping merrily around…

“”Drawing for Kids & Toddlers!”” is a unique drawing game with animations. Even the youngest little kids will be able to draw all the characters easily. Delightful sound effects as well as fun animations will bring lots of joy to the little artists!

Цільова аудиторія гри: Kids 3+

Платформа: Mobile

Бізнес-модель, поточний стан проекту: Premium/F2P, released