Grzegorz Mazur

​​Co-Boss / Technical Director at Vile Monarch

Programmer. Information Technology graduate at Warsaw University of Technology. Currently Co-Boss and Technical Director at Vile Monarch. Previously worked for 11 bit studios where he was Lead Programmer of This War of Mine and Sleepwalker`s Journey. Specialized in gameplay and AI programming. Teacher at Warsaw Film School and Academy of Games and Post-Production. Amateur musician and board games enthusiast.

Topic: Going Multiplatform – technical postmortem of Oh… Sir! The Insult Simulator and Crush Your Enemies

Talk is focused on what challenges we had during development of these games in Unity and shipping them simultanously on 6 platforms. A lot of examples and tips for Unity users.

All the indie developers – especially of smaller games. First part of the talk will be interested for all devs, the second probably only to Unity users since it will be focused on dealing with specific Unity features to make dev and publish process as quick and easy as possible