Mike Hines​

Developer Evangelist at Amazon.com

​Mike Hines is a Developer Evangelist at Amazon in Seattle, Washington. Mike comes to Amazon after four startups and 13 years at Microsoft. At Amazon, Mike helped launch the Kindle eInk app development project, has written mobile app test criteria, judged games at major conferences like Casual Connect, White Nights and Pocket Gamer Connects, and is a blogger for Amazon Appstore and other tech blogs. Mike has spoken at dozens of national and international conferences, including Casual Connect, GDC, SXSW, CES, White Nights, Pocket Gamer Connects and AnDevCon. Mike is currently a mentor at several accelerators, including GameFounders in Kuala Lumpur. Moving forward, Mike wants to bring developer feedback back to Amazon and is on a continuing mission to find out what is and isn’t currently working in mobile app monetization.

Topic: What the Top 50 Apps Do With In App Purchasing That The Rest of Us Don’t

Amazon has collected data about how users engage with IAP in games, and we have reviewed how the most profitable apps are using IAP to monetize successfully. We found data on two levels: HOW the top 50 did differently (Retention data, session length data, units sold and price data) and WHAT they did differently to get those results. It turns out there are a handful of things that most of the top 50 do that other games don’t do. We’ll share that actionable data with you in this session.
In this session we’ll share these best practices and the analytics data that we’ve aggregated from the top 50 IAP grossing games in the Amazon App Store. We’ll study several purchasing UI layouts to learn how to manage and present IAP item selection, and we’ll also cover how to manage IAP price points and how to tailor price variety for customers. We’ll look at examples from Ninja Kiwi, and how they used this data to improve their IAP sales.​