Mykola Ursatij

Dragon Chief at Dragon’s Games

He founded his own studio and worked in the game industry as a graphic designer, a producer and a game designer. He has a 13-year experience in a graphic design and game projection. He appreciates gameplay nowadays he is a coordinator of projects in “Dragon’s Games” studio.

He and Volodymyr Jakybovych the main producers and scenarists of the “Mad Nords” game. Mykola is an ideologist of the “Dragon’s Games” and “Tyran” game.

Volodymyr Jakubovich

Indie Dragon at Dragon’s Games

He has worked in the “Dragon’s Games” team since 2014. Before he was successful in a lot of own projects, such as Night Strike Infiltrators, It Needs Care, and took part in many jams (Construct 2030 Jam, Construct Deception Jam). Volodymyr is a professional in Construct 2 and in the game industry and nowadays he is fond of pixel art and game development.

He and Mykola are working on the one of the most important project “Dragon’s Games” “Mad Nords”.

“Dragon’s Games is a team with a big experience in indie-games development.

Topic: Postmortem “Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest”


  1. How an idea was born?
  2. The beginning and the process.
  3. Pitfalls!
  4. A self-release in Steam?
  5. Conclusions and keys for indie.

Audience: game developers, game designers, 2d artists, composers.
The meeting is dedicated for those who is interested in indie and want to know the stumble stones in the development process from the beginning till the end.