Oleg Novosad

Senior Mobile Engineer / Game Engineer at SoftServe

He has a 5-year experience in the IT-industry.
He is an author of Sevenity game, an architect for a project management in SoftServe, a core-engineer on Single Sign-On for a Healthcare in SoftServe and an architect and a part-owner for a Partymaker project.
Oleg is an ambitious and a versatile person and takes part in diverse communities in the IT-industry and beyond it. He is a system programmer and nowadays develops his abilities in the mobile field and GameDev as far as he is convinced that the mobile industry is a future and games are eternal. Oleg likes to utilize Next Generation Technology in his projects and explore them for the future consumption.

Topic: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Geo-Social Games


  • Using AR / VR (Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality) in Geo-Socail Games: pross and cons
  • The mathematic basis of VR & AR games that focus on geographic location.
  • Geo-social games examples used in VR & AR.
  • Which tools should be utilized.
  • Practical experience.