Oleksiy Andrusevych

Senior Level Designer WoWP at Wargaming

He has worked in the industry since 2006. Oleksiy worked for diverse projects, such as Battlefield 2142, APB, DIRT3, ENDofNATION, WarZ., World of tanks, World of warplanes.

Firstly he was a 2D artist and later became a 2D/3D Artist and a concept artist. After learning Javascript he wrote different scripts and panels for the working process of the company.

He is keen on painting and technical designing

Topic: Turbo Regime in Photoshop by Scripts and Panels


The accelerating of workflow begins with the using of keyboard shortcuts, but it is not enough. When you have little time to make a project, you need scripts and panels to create a real Turbo Regime. Scripts and panels give you a lot of possibilities to accelerate your “Pipeline” to make easier boring and routine tasks you repeat many times during a day. Moreover, panels and scripts have more functions which are not available in the standard program functions. Do you appreciate your time? Then you should visit this meeting where a lot of script and panels examples will be shown.