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SpaceJunk Rumble

Top down space shooter, multiplayer PvP. 2-8 players. Combination of simple and friendly controls with an exciting fights on PvP battlefields. Dynamic and spectacular gameplay allows players to enjoy the early stages of the game. Unlimited opportunities of in-game progress by means of collecting and enhancing ships provide customer retention which creates a basis for monetization.

Цільова аудиторія гри: Game main audience is fans of space theme – mainly men from 13 to 35 years. Arcade battles and especially PvP are strongly prefered within the segment. The game is simple enough for beginners which allows to acquire casual audience. However, the rating system allows you to highlight the stronger players, giving the opportunity to apply their skills in furious battles on top level.

Платформа: Mobile, PC, Steam

Бізнес-модель, поточний стан проекту: Closed Beta. PVP