Alex Shtachenko

Panther Gaming LLC - Product owner / - Author
Evolution mechanic hold

This producer is convinced that games are first and foremost a business, and just then art. DDD and KPI-Management are the best approaches for working in the market today. Alex is engaged in product consulting in the field of mobile free to play games. He actively collects analytics, especially about the US market. Today, he is responsible for the product component and production in an American gaming start-up as a product owner. This gives him pleasure and inspiration. He is a mentor and consultant in the Achievershub and ARPU.GURU projects. In his spare time, Alex is a blogger for more than 4 years. I also collect reviews for movies on POPCORNO. In the past: - Head of the product department of a large gaming outsourcing company; - Producer at a product game company; - Head of cyber sports projects; - Managing Director of an Internet cafe; - Art Director; - Lead Advertising and Printing Designer; But first and foremost he is a gamer. Starting from the distant 90s, when I got Dendy Junior 2 (8bit), I play games nonstop. Dendy, Sega, PSX, DreamCast, PC, GooglePlay, Appstore - it's too hard to count the games he tried.