Dmytro Efimov

Art Director, Shadow Masters
Shaders for artists

- Workshop main points -

The workshop is dedicated to creating shaders in the Unity engine using the Shader Graphical visual editor.

- Who would benefit from visiting the workshop? -

Artists who are interested in creating simple and interesting visual effects that can be used in games without going into technical details and figures.

- Workshop results -

Participants will learn a few different texture manipulations and how to effectively use the UV scan, by which you can create new visual effects or expand existing ones.

- Modus operandi -

Work with shaders will be held only in visual node editor. The acquired knowledge and principles are easily transferred to other visual editors of shaders and gaming movers (Amplify Shader Editor, Shader Forge, UE4 Material Editor)

- Necessary skills of the workshop participants -

Basic knowledge of 3d modeling, model scan and texturing

- Required technical support -
Software for 3d modeling/uv/texturing
Unity 2018.3.7