Viktoriia Kuzmychenko

Virtual Reality artist, 2D artist, environment designer
Virtual Reality: Painting from a New Perspective or how to create an immersive world within 20 Minutes

I explore new tools and tools for visual broadcasting. I believe that virtual reality is the next big platform for the creation of visual art. My goal is to find new ways to combine traditional and modern methods to get the best result. Some, such as myself, use VR to create art, but there are endless possibilities for this versatile medium. This field of activity is completely new, experimental, and has no clear hierarchy. Today in VR, you can quickly and easily create visuals for a game, an animated movie or a virtual gallery. Naturally, every artistic medium comes with its own limitations. And this is where I want to stop for a moment - because we are talking about an instrument that in many aspects blurs these limitations, simplifies the process, and greatly speeds up the creation of a visual space. It does not look like traditional 3d modeling and is unlike any painting process in photoshop. The difference is that you naturally understand the scale and depth and automatically use your own body and space around you as a reference point. This is all the more obvious with Touch or Vive controllers that allow you to physically manipulate the object with your own hands in real space. The process of creation is very simple, fast and intuitive compared to traditional software, and we will observe it practically in the drawing process. Such a fast visual prototype can be used in game development and in games themselves. And why discuss game development? Because this is the best space for combining different forms of art with the ability to interact and influence the created universe.