Yaraslau I. Kot

ICEO of ComBat Vision, Head of BelGameDev, IGDA game designer
"The Biggest ever RPG research!!!"

PhD, MBA, MPsych (on games). More than 23 years of game dev exp - started working in 90s in USA with MUDs and text based online rpgs, with indies and with big companies such as AOL, White Wolf, Disney and others. To this moment had hand in creation of few hundred games of different genre. In the present is co-owner, CEO of few companies, consultant to game studious and strong supporter of indie projects. Head of IGDA Belarus, Member of VRARA, Founder of BelGameDev, etc. Author\coauthor over 100 books on games. Among them in 2018: “Role-Playing Game Studies” (UK, USA), “Imagine This” (Denmark), “Shuffling the deck” (USA) and others.