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The Uncertain: Episode 1. The last quiet day

The Uncertain is a third person, adventure game in a post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi setting, a mix of old school quests and Telltale Games. Since quests are hard to come by nowadays in games, and Telltale has plunged into interactive movies, we decided to bring something interesting to the genre, by combining them and creating something in the middle. We developed this game in the Unity engine with borrowed assets; we also used NVIDIA GameWorks technologies. Initially we wanted to set a certain mood. Players’ immersion was achieved by the graphic components, cinematic camera work and deep sound. We hope that we have succeeded in this endeavour.

Цільова аудиторія гри:
Age: 18-34 (of which most of the 25-34, 18-24 slightly less)
Gender: 85% male, 15% female
Interests: Games, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, books, movies, Steam and Indie Games, Technology, Tourism”

Платформа: PC, Steam

Бізнес-модель, поточний стан проекту: b2p