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Yandere School

Game about yandere schoolgirl who is in love with schoolmate and she must protect her love from other girls. Use your stealth skills to kill rivals and then confess feelings to your senpai.

It’s 3d stealth action game in anime setting, storytelling goes via cutscenes in visual-novel style.

Game is in development for 1+ year by indie studion in Kyiv, Ukraine, used Unity engine, it will be finished in few months, final version will have:

  • 10 chapters which show story of schoolgirl who is in love
  • Android and PC release
  • voices and improved sounds
  • plenty other cool features that are in development right now

Цільова аудиторія гри: 18+ male/female fans of stealth games and anime

Платформа: Mobile, PC, Steam

Бізнес-модель, поточний стан проекту: Game will have free demo and premium full version, free demo available for Android